Hermin 200 - angol verseny

Take part in the Hermin experience!

You can choose from 3 categories:

1. Video

- promo video of VPG: interview other students from VPG, ask them why they have chosen this school, ask them about their motivation, hopes and dreams, future career etc.

- preparation for the campaign with comments, interviews, etc.

- imaginary interview with Veres Pálné: what would she have said if somebody from our school had asked her (be serious and thorough)

2. Presentation it can be digital (ppp, prezi, etc.) or paper-based (poster, collage, etc.)

- Outstanding Womenfighting for women’s rights

- imaginary interview with Veres Pálné

3.  Wikipedia entry (send it to us via email)

- about Veres Pálné with pictures and links

- create tasks and activities for the next campaign including Veres Pálné (personality, works, interests, etc.). Present min. 3 detailed descriptions of the tasks students would do


  • Create a new and original piece of work including the sources, too
  • Use only English in your work and then present it in English
  • Length of the videos should be 3-5 mins.
  • Apply in groups of 3-4

The best pieces of work go to the homepage

Obligatory for min. 1 group from the

  • 9 ny advanced
  • 9.e beginner / advanced
  • Optional groups
  • 9 / 10 advanced groups


1. Content

2. Use of English

3. Layout 

Deadline: 2015. December 4.

Ask for:

Dobcsányi Dalma: dobcsanyi.dalma@vpg.hu

Laszlovszky Katalin: laszlovszkykatalin@gmail.com 

Wächter-Szili Orsolya: szili.orsolya@vpg.hu